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earthshift coverMore than an adventure story, 'EarthShift' will shift your perception and your thinking...

Judith Horky tempts us to consider a future beyond our wildest dreams, a future of love and caring, of insight and compassion. A graphic story of survival and ultimate spiritual oneness with God. For all those who dream of a new world and wonder what it means to "ascend..."
----- Meredith Young-Sowers, Director
The Stillpoint Institute

'EarthShift' is undoubtedly the best account I have read of the upcoming transition in consciousness. It is an essential roadmap for the ultimate journey -- our personal transformation...
-----Tony Stubbs, author of An Ascension Handbook

'EarthShift' is a story of love, awakening consciousness, spiritual vision, angelic wisdom, and a magical glimpse into a future filled with mind-bending possibilities. Through Julie Armstrong and her family, we learn of the dramatic planetary and social changes that occur before, during and after the Shift of the Ages. Julie uses her mystical abilities to guide her loved ones through their physical and emotional fears so that they may learn to trust a Higher Source.

The final days of darkness during the shift culminate with dense fog enshrouding the planet. When the Zero Point hits, people are literally knocked off their feet and later awaken either to the glorious new world of the Fifth Dimension or the chaotic world of the Third, now filled with fear and violence.

'EarthShift' takes place in the magnificent mountains of Colorado. The exciting challenges experienced by each of the characters create a page-turning story. What determines who survives the Shift?

Just one simple thing, and that's the main message of 'EarthShift...'

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